2013 Resolutions: How I Did

1. Visit Greece.
2. Finish my master’s degree.
3. Get a job as a librarian.
4. Visit every brewery in WNC.
5. Attend a book signing.
6. Read 50 books.
7. Get my own apartment.
8. Get another tattoo.
9. Write a Happiness 365 post daily.
10. Lose weight.

More than half accomplished. Not bad! I didn’t visit nearly enough breweries and read only 40 books. Gave up on the Happiness 365 posts but they lasted for awhile! On to 2014…


31 by 31

I turned 31 last month and here are the goals I accomplished during the year I was 30…

I didn’t accomplish all of my goals so these are some I will continue to work on until I turn 32! 🙂

  • Visit every brewery in WNC (I didn’t visit them all but I went to The Thirsty Monk, Highland Brewing Company, Lexington Avenue Brewery, Southern Appalachian Brewery, Wicked Weed Brewing, Green Man Brewery, and Wedge Brewing Company.)
  • Read (and review) 100+ books (This is an insane goal… I probably read 50, which is more realistic!)
  • Go to the NC Zoo in Asheboro
  • Learn how to use a gun
  • Volunteer at Henderson County Public Library (Didn’t need to because I got a librarian job!)
  • Have a Favorite Things party
  • See Unto These Hills in Cherokee
  • Get a summer internship at a major library (Didn’t need to because I got a librarian job!)
  • Watch (and review) 10 classic movies I’ve never seen

September Goals

I haven’t done this link-up in a few months so there’s no recap… Here’s what I hope to accomplish this month!

  • Get another tattoo
  • Lose four pounds
  • Read three books
  • Visit Greece
  • Post on my other two blogs
  • Go to the NC Mountain State Fair
  • Start flossing again
  • Go to the shooting range
  • Get a mani/pedi

July Goals

Monthly Goals

June Recap:

  • Read four books And The Mountains Echoed, Silver Linings Playbook, Hourglass, and most of Warm Bodies (it counts!)
  • Pay my other blogs (WNC and books) some attention
  • Write a Happiness 365 post daily
  • Continue Weight Watchers and lose a few more pounds
  • Stay on my budget!
  • Floss at least three times a week and make a teeth cleaning appointment
  • Survive all the public speaking I have to do at Summer Reading Program promotions/events
  • Have fun! (My mom’s birthday, the Blue Ridge BBQ Festival, Khaled Hosseini’s book signing, a Shooter Jennings concert, cycle the Virginia Creeper Trail, go swimming a lot!)

July Goals:

  • Read two books (super busy this month!)
  • Write a Happiness 365 post daily
  • Continue Weight Watchers and lose a few more pounds
  • Make a teeth cleaning appointment
  • Survive summer school
  • Have fun! (4th of July, Coon Dog Day, birthday partiess, trip to Charlotte, Bele Chere)

Monday Quiz About Me

Acting Balanced

1. What is your favorite summer activity?

yep that's me about to go down the waterslide

yep that’s me about to go down the waterslide

2. Do you have a “honey do” list? Or a to do list of your own?
I don’t have a honey but my own to do list is very long!!

3. Would you go for a massage? Facial? Spa treatment?
All of the above… It’s about time to find a good Groupon special again.

4. What was the last song you danced to?
I danced to A LOT of songs on Saturday night… “The Wobble” is the one that sticks out in my head!

Bonus question for blog hoppers to answer:

5. Do you collect anything?