High 5 for Friday


1. Monday I had my training for the Preschool Outreach Project. It was actually fun! I will be doing storytime at a preschool twice a month.

2. After training I went shopping and found all this cute owl stuff… Most of it for $1 at Walmart! (The cake pan is from World Market.)

3. I started my cake decorating class on Tuesday! We learned the basics, including stars and writing.

4. I bought a six-pack of Highland’s Clawhammer Oktoberfest… Part of my Fall 2012 Bucket List. 🙂

5. And most exciting of all… I got my kittens this morning! Here are Riley Moonshine and Diesel Gambrinus. They are too scared to get out of the carrier yet though!

Other fun happenings this week:

  • Dinner with Breanna at El Paso
  • Watching the Saluda Heat (my brother’s softball team) destroy the competition
  • Signing up for THREE blog swaps!

2 thoughts on “High 5 for Friday

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