Weekend Update


Friday morning Cindy and I drove to Murphy, NC. We didn’t get any snow in Saluda or Asheville but we saw plenty on our drive!


She got her hair done (while I surfed the web) and then we went to lunch at Murphy’s Chophouse.


After lunch we went to Fields of the Wood. My friend Colin and I had always talked about going when we were in college so when Cindy wanted me to come with her to Murphy I told her we had to go here!!




We had dinner at her parents’ house in Robbinsville and then went out to a few bars in Murphy (Coach’s and Chevelles 66). Saturday morning we drove around and she showed me the sights of Robbinsville and Joyce Kilmer Forest. That evening at home I cooked Thai Chicken Curry (delicious) and watched Silver Linings Playbook (loved it!).



Yesterday I had my monthly Pinterest Party. No one showed up so it was just me and Ruth but we had fun. I made crack dip and we glittered shoes, wine glasses, and a photo frame.

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