2014 Resolutions: Month 1

1. Lose 20+ pounds.
Lost 0 pounds… But I also gained 0 pounds.

2. Read 52+ books.
I read four so I’m well on my way! Check out my book blog for reviews.





3. Visit 1+ new (to me) US city.
Visiting Seattle in March.

4. Visit 1+ new (to me) country.
Visiting Canada in March.

5. Visit 5+ new (to me) breweries and vineyards in WNC.
Visited Hi-Wire Brewing.

6. Get 2+ tattoos.
Not in January.

7. Find a higher paying job.
Will start looking in March.

8. Live 100% by myself for the first time (no roommates, boyfriend, mom…).
That will come after #7…

9. Go to a book signing or book/library-related event (YALLFest, ALA Annual Conference).
I went to Wiley Cash’s book signing.


10. Maintain my book and local travel blogs and start a new general travel blog.
Added 18 posts to my book blog (!), five to my local travel blog, and created a new general travel blog (but haven’t gotten any posts up yet).

11. Take Spanish classes.
Hired a teacher and have had two classes so far! We meet once a week and she gives lots of homework.

12. Be more creative with Pinterest-inspired crafts and cooking.
Tried two new recipes (crockpot chicken taco bowls and green curry chicken) and one new craft (Mardi Gras tutu)!



13. Wean myself off meat until I’m down to one carnivorous meal a week (or month!).
Have not started this one yet. 😦

14. Do something I’ve never done before (play golf, ride in a limo, go hang-gliding…).