Weekend Update

Friday I had lunch with Araceli and re-watched Magic Mike that night.

Saturday I did research for my final project this semester and babysat that night.

Sunday I went to a wreath party. It was awesome! First we went on a hike to collect greenery, then we made our wreaths. I had to take lots of snack breaks too because there was so much yummy food (my famous pinwheels are pictured below)!











5 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. A wreath party?!? Why have I never heard of/attended such awesomeness! What a great idea! I guess I will get my fulfillment from my “Christmas Craft Get Together and Trip to the Fabric Store” with a good friend of mine next week. Cute wreaths! LOVE any kind of Christmas DIY! šŸ™‚ I have some Christmas decor {inspired by vintage/antiques}/tree/DIY’s listed under the “Christmas” tab on my blog if you’re interested. Also made a wreath from burlap for my fall decor … and changed it up a bit to match Christmas … reminds me, I need to post about that! Totally forgot … Have a great Monday …

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