High 5 for Friday


It’s been a crazy week!

1. I started a new job! As a part-time nanny for this adorable one-year-old, Sam.

2. School started! I am taking three classes and I didn’t realize one was a half-semester intensive course. I am going to be so busy until October! It does sound awesome though; it is Youth Programming & Services so I get to make lots of crafts!

cute school supplies!

the first craft for my Youth Programming & Services class

3. Stuff in the mail! I got Ruth’s baby shower invites (Shutterfly), my custom painted TOMS (Paper Hearts Council), a bridal shower present for my cousin (Rachel Walter Online Wedding Boutique), my owl laptop holder (Quilted Cupcake), and my birthday present from Jinhee (a gorgeous dress!). A few weeks ago I also ordered an owl mousepad from In HIS Name but I don’t think I ever posted it. I have definitely been addicted to Etsy lately!

4. I knocked another fun thing off my summer bucket list: hike to Little Bradley Falls.

5. I got purple highlights!!


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