N is for New York City, New Orleans, & Nashville

New York, NY

I first visited New York City in December 2000 and also briefly in July 2009. But most of my NYC pics are from a girls weekend we had there over Labor Day weekend 2008. It was a blast! We went to Little Italy, Chinatown, South Street Seaport, the MOMA, Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge… And probably a few other places! We stayed in Tribeca and I really enjoyed the neighborhood; we went out to a local bar both nights and discovered an amazing restaurant… I still dream about the ravioli there!

New Orleans, LA

In May 2009, Daniel and I met my mom and stepdad in the Big Easy for a long weekend. We had a great time exploring the French Quarter, eating, and drinking!

Nashville, TN

I’ve driven through Nashville many times when going to visit my dad in Arkansas but in March 2010 we actually decided to stop there on the way home. We tried to visit the Grand Ole Opry but it was too late. So we went downtown, stumbled upon an unlimited Natty Light special at a random bar, and enjoyed some live music.


Saturday 6

1. Which piece of furniture in your home is in biggest need of replacement and why?
All of my furniture is pretty crappy… But nothing really needs to be replaced.

2. You’re home on a rainy day and there’s nothing on television worth watching. What are you most likely to do with your afternoon?
Read, blog, watch a movie.

3. What person is in your earliest memory?
My mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

i tried to find a funny pic… heehee

4. What was the model of the first car you ever drove?
It was a 1982 Toyota Corolla.

5. List the items on your coffee table right now.
I don’t have one… Well I do, but it’s used as a TV stand. So a TV and Playstation are on it!

6. How long, on average, do dishes sit in your sink waiting to be washed?
On weekdays less than 24 hours. On weekends… Depends on how busy I am!