M is for Murfreesboro, Miami, & Munich

Murfreesboro, AR

Murfreesboro is famous for the Crater of Diamonds State Park, where you can dig for diamonds! I met my family (who live in Arkansas) there twice when I lived in Texas (September 2007 and March 2008). We never found any gems but we had fun!

Miami, FL

My family is from Miami so I have been there many times throughout the years, most recently in December 2009 when my (now ex) boyfriend and I visited his brother for a Patriots vs. Dolphins game and in February with my mom after we went on a cruise. (We met my grandma and great aunt and wandered around Coconut Grove.)

Munich, Germany

I visited Munich on a European backpacking trip in June 2004. Highlights included downing massive beers at Hofbräuhaus München and taking a side trip to the glorious Neuschwanstein Castle.