Friendship Friday

Labor Day: How are you spending your weekend?

Today I am flying to Tampa where my friend Tessa lives. We will spend the weekend eating, drinking, shopping, getting pedicures, and going to the beach. Then on Monday we (along with her mom, my mom, my aunt, and our friend Kathryn) sail out on a cruise to Cozumel and Grand Cayman!


5 Question Friday

1. What do you enjoy doing the most with your spouse?
Well, I don’t have a spouse or even a boyfriend anymore. But I used to enjoy days where we did stuff all day long: lunch, then some kind of event/activity, some shopping or a movie, then dinner!

2. How do you eat your taco? From the top or from the side?
Who eats it from the top? Weirdos.

3. Have you ever shut off the basement light and ran like a fool because you knew someone was down there and would get you?
No, but I do not like going into the basement. Creepy.

4. If you could change one thing about you what would it be and why?
My sensitivity.

5. What age do you think is appropriate to have the “bird and the bees” talk with your children?
I don’t have children so I’m not sure. Whenever they get curious I guess.


Friday 5

1. What was in yesterday’s mail?
I don’t think I got anything… And I usually do! Today my Netflix and People magazine will be here though. 🙂

2. What are the most fun and least fun items on your to-do list for the weekend?
Most fun: Flying to Tampa to hang out with Tessa (eating, drinking, shopping, pedicures, going to the beach)!
Least fun: I still have some schoolwork to do before our cruise leaves Monday.

3. What are you running out of?
Money. I need those student loans to come!

4. What gives you peace?
Knowing that I’m on top of everything.

5. What are the best and worst things about YouTube?
Best: Movie trailers.
Worst: Videos that aren’t funny but people make you watch anyway.

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Semi-Charmed Summer 2012 Book Challenge

Semi-Charmed Summer Book Challenge

The challenge will run from May 1 to September 1, 2012. I will earn points for reading books in the following categories:

Read a book chosen for the US 2012 World Book Night. (5 points) The Book Thief
Read a book you were supposed to read in school, but either bailed on or Cliff-Noted. (10 points)
Read a memoir or narrative nonfiction book. (10 points)
Read a book in one day. (15 points) Crash Into Me
Read a book that you’ve always wanted to read but haven’t gotten around to yet. (15 points)
The Road
Read a pair of books that have antonyms in the titles. (20 points)
Read a book that is set in a place you’ve never been but want to visit. (20 points) Divergent
Find a book written the year you were born that was later made into a movie or a movie released the year you were born that was based on a book. Read the book and watch the movie; compare. (25 points)
Go into a bookstore or library. Pick any bookshelf. Read the third book from the left on the fourth shelf from the top. (25 points)
Read a book about which you’ve heard bad things. (25 points) World War Z
Read a trilogy. (30 points) Game of Thrones, Clash of Kings

Total Points: 80

***This challenge is over. I only got 80 out of a possible 200 points! But this summer was crazy for me (traveling, coming home after two years abroad) so I still think I did pretty well. I even read two of the three books for a trilogy, so really I think I had 100 points!


High 5 for Friday


1. My second week at work. Sam is getting to know me a little better now and we’ve been having fun. 🙂

2. Crafts, crafts, crafts! I made a lot this week for my Youth Programming & Services class. (Remember, these are supposed to be for teens!)

fashion victim keychain

scrabble bracelet

ribbon tank (my mom enjoyed being a model)

felt & ribbon bookmark

turkey place card for thanksgiving

travel themed origami star book

inside of star book with travel quotes

3. Wednesday I had an awesome day full of eating and drinking: lunch at Stone Bowl Korean Restaurant, froyo at Tutti Frutti, beer at Lexington Avenue Brewery, and dinner at Chai Pani. I also visited my alma mater, UNC-Asheville (a trip to the library for an assignment in one of my MLIS classes).

4. Dinner with my family last night (mom, stepdad, brother, and sister-in-law). I forgot to take pics but we had some awesome lasagna, garlic bread, and fried okra.

5. I’m flying to Tampa today! Staying with my friend Tessa this weekend then on Monday we (along with my mom, my aunt, Tessa’s mom, and our friend Kathryn) leave on our cruise to Cozumel and Grand Cayman!!


We Want to Know Wednesday


Would You Rather…

1. Never be able to look in the mirror again or always get dressed in total darkness?
Get dressed in total darkness. After I was dressed I could turn the light on and look in the mirror and fix anything I messed up. 🙂

2. Receive $50 a day for the rest of your life or $50,000 right here and now?
$50 a day adds up to WAY more money in the long run. Duh.

3. Have extreme narcolepsy or have a bad case of Tourette’s?
Narcolepsy. I like to sleep.

4. Be able to rewind 24 hours three times a year or consciously control your dreams?
Rewind! I could care less what I dream about.

5. Be fluent in every language around the world or be the best in the world in a category of your choosing?
Be fluent in every language. Imagine the possibilities!