October Pinterest Party: Pumpkin Decorating

This party was awesome! For once my creations turned out really well! I made a “pumpkin” cheeseball (it was supposed to look like one) and pumpkin spice cookies (from a mix… I was lazy). Cindy brought vegan oatmeal cookies (YUM!) and chips and salsa. We also had mimosas and orange soda to go with the Halloween theme. And a candy platter! Everyone did their own thing with their pumpkins. Cindy carved hers; Cameron, Liam, and Peyton painted theirs; Mom and Anna made mini glitter pumpkins; and I made a BOO button pumpkin and a glitter chevron pumpkin (Leisa and Brittany just watched!).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


3 thoughts on “October Pinterest Party: Pumpkin Decorating

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