Ruth’s Baby Shower

I’m pretty sure it was a success! I put a lot of time, money, and energy into it! As well as a lot of Pinterest ideas. 🙂 These are the invites I sent out, from Shutterfly

Baby Klay’s nursery is going to have a grey and yellow theme, so I made a name canvas to go with it, with a little help from my friend Brittany.

I made signs to put on all the tables.

I bought mints and pink boxes for the favors. I also attached stickers to the boxes to fancy them up a bit.

For the tables, I did pink tablecloths, heart-shaped candle holders with pink sugar and white tea lights, champagne flutes with “It’s a Girl” stickers filled with pink Hershey’s Kisses and jellybeans, and confetti… My mom did the beautiful flower arrangements!

I made a “Games” table. There was the “Dirty Diaper” game where you melt candy bars in diapers and people write down their guesses after looking at, smelling, and/or tasting (?) them. Then I had a sign-up sheet for a Bottle Chugging Contest because I wasn’t sure anyone would be into it… But they were! I wanted all the games to be optional because I know not everyone likes to participate. I had everyone write their name and address on an envelope for the thank you cards. Then I drew an envelope from the bowl at the end of the shower and gave out a prize. The winners of the games got prizes too. There was also a wishing tree that my mom made. She spraypainted a tree branch pink and stuck it in a pink bucket with pebbles. Then everyone wrote their “wishes” to Klay and hung them on the tree with ribbon.

The gifts table was pretty cute too.

Amanda made this awesome diaper cake

And then there was the food.

But my favorite part of the shower was the photo booth! I threw a sheet over a stand-up chalkboard and decorated it with a paper lantern banner. Then I bought a bunch of $1 props, made a “Baby Klay is on her way” sign, and spraypainted a picture frame pink.


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