R is for Roatan, Raleigh, & Rome

Roatan, Honduras

I visited Roatan while on a cruise with my mom in February 2012. We took a taxi to the beach where we drank and swam. Couldn’t tell you much more than that! When we got back to the port we had some time before we had to be back on the ship so we ordered a bucket of beers at a restaurant. Mom got a little tipsy and ending up dancing!

Raleigh, NC

As it is the capital of my state, I have visited Raleigh many times. Most recently was May 2011, when I had to go there to get documents apostilled for my Korean visa. My mom and I wandered around downtown while we were waiting.

Rome, Italy

Rome was part of the summer 2004 European backpacking trip. I liked other parts of Italy a lot better (Cinque Terre and Venice). But it was cool to see the Colosseum, Vatican, and Sistine Chapel.