10 Day You Challenge: 8 Fears

1. Physical pain. It’s why I still haven’t gotten any tattoos.

2. Horses.

3. Saunas.

4. Certain kinds of heights, like rickety towers.

5. Public speaking.

6. Leeches.

7. Encountering a scary animal in the wilderness (bear, alligator).

8. As of today, that illegal downloading of TV shows is going to get me in trouble! (I got a notice in the mail from my internet service provider that says the copyright holder of True Blood reported that I downloaded it illegally.)


5 thoughts on “10 Day You Challenge: 8 Fears

  1. Yeah, the key reason why I won’t get tattoos is that I really don’t think I can be still and allow someone to hurt me or poke me with a needle. I can barely get a shot at the doctor’s office, but I can reason myself into that because it’s necessary. Tattoos are not medically necessary, so I don’t want the pain!

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