Happy Dragon Hostel, Beijing

Happy Dragon Hostel is where we stayed for our four nights in Beijing. We lucked out and got upgraded to a private room since their dorms were full. The room was tiny with two twin beds but it had a TV, private bathroom, and the coldest AC I have experienced on my trip. Unfortunately the AC leaked on my bed but it was a small price to pay. All of the hostel walls are decorated with drawings, poems, and writing from former guests which was pretty cool. There is a bar/restaurant where they have two free parties every week: BBQ on Friday night and dumplings on Monday night. We went Friday night and it was fun. I wouldn’t recommend eating many meals in the restaurant however as it’s pretty expensive. The computers in the lobby are connected to a VPN so you can access Facebook and other sites that are blocked in China. It costs 1 RMB for 15 minutes which is cheap but unfortunately the internet is very slow. Wifi is free if you bring your own computer. There were always plenty of staff on hand and most were very friendly. Reception was 24/7 and access to the rooms was with key cards so it was secure. The location was good as it’s close to a metro shop, shopping street, and the Forbidden City. My only complaints about the hostel were: (1) We were supposed to be served breakfast in the restaurant at 7am before our 7:30am Great Wall trip but it came out five minutes before we had to leave, which was annoying. (2) I asked them to do my laundry two days ahead of time but they said too many people had already asked that day and the next day it was supposed to rain (it was bright and sunny). So I had to wear dirty clothes on the train. (3) They refuse to book you a taxi to the train station, they say it is too close and to take the subway for 20 minutes. We went and hailed a cab on the street instead.

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