A is for Asheville, Atlanta, & Arkansas

Asheville, NC

It’s where I’m from! I went to college at UNC-Asheville and while I still wish I’d had a more typical college experience (football games, frat parties), I did enjoy my time there. But after awhile Asheville got boring. And pretentious. I hope when I return in July I can appreciate it a little more. They have a great downtown, lots of breweries (Beer City USA!), fun festivals, and tons of outdoor activities and beautiful scenery nearby (the Blue Ridge Parkway). Here are a few of my favorite experiences in the Asheville area:

Looking Glass Falls

Pritchard Park Drum Circle

On top of Looking Glass Rock (what a hike!)

Fanaticon 2011

Linville Falls

Atlanta, GA

I have been to Atlanta twice in recent years, to get my visas from the Korean consulate there as it’s the closest one. Both times I went with my brother Zach and his wife Kelly.

The first time we went to an NFL playoff game (in May 2010) to see the Hawks play the Magic. It was awesome, and we had great seats! We also went to The Varsity for lunch. It’s the world’s largest drive-in restaurant!

The second time (May 2011) I just went to the consulate and then they dropped me off at an airport hotel so I could fly to Seoul the next morning. We did make time for lunch at Hard Rock Cafe though. The Twisted Mac & Cheese there is the best thing ever.

Gepp, AR

We visit Arkansas quite often as my dad, stepmom, brother, and sister live there. It’s an 11 hour drive so Daniel, Zach, Kelly, and I always have a fun road trip. They live in the middle of nowhere! But it’s really beautiful and we always have a great time. They live right near Lake Norfork so we usually stay at Lake Norfork Inn. If it’s summer, we go boating, swimming, and fishing and if it’s winter we stay inside and go in the indoor pool and hot tub and usually drink a lot! We also play games (football, softball, board games) and go hiking, bowling, and roller skating.

fake tattoos and video games at the bowling alley

making music videos in the hotel room with paper hand puppets… so fun

me attempting to play softball… FAIL!

in front of lake norfork

road trip in the van

daniel throwing callie in the pool


on the boat

i am awesome at tubing!

thanksgiving 2007

a rare photo of my stepmom… having a blast skating

gettin’ crazy

thanksgiving 2008

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