Friend Makin’ Monday


1. When is your birthday?
August 10th… I’ve already started planning!

2. Do you like to celebrate it or do you prefer to keep it quiet?

3. Have you ever had a surprise party?
No, because I like to plan everything!

4. What sign are you? Does it represent you well?
Leo… Kind of but I think I’ve become less of a Leo (life of the party, center of attention) as I’ve grown older.

5. Do you tell the truth about your age?
Yes… I’ve always looked younger so I like being 30. Most people think I’m a teenager though. 😦

6. Share your best birthday memory.
I had really fun birthday parties as a kid at Twin Lakes… There was a waterslide!


7. Share a few items that could be on your birthday wishlist.
Gift certificates to Old Navy and Target…

8. What is your favorite kind of cake?
I prefer key lime pie.

9. If you could be anywhere on your next birthday, where would you be?
Hopefully I will be on a trip to California/Oregon (in 2014)!

10. Do you make a wish when you blow out the candles?

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