The Sunday Currently

currently dreaming about

Finishing my master’s degree in December and never having to do homework again.

currently wishing for

A way to get over my fear of public speaking.

currently loving to wear

My summer hat!


currently listening to

My cats run around like maniacs.

currently watching

Arrested Development, but it’s dragging…


currently reading

And The Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini.


currently loving

My job and the fact that it’s almost summer!

currently planning

My birthday party (in two months) and other fun things for the summer!


3 thoughts on “The Sunday Currently

  1. What are you planning for your birthday!! I`ve been meaning to try out Arrested Development- I`ve never really watched it before. Is it the newest season that you find is dragging? I`ve heard great things about the show in general!


  2. when i took speech in college, i got a B – i sway back & forth on my feet, read off of my cards, & talk way too fast. i don’t like public speaking, either!

    i’m excited about the new khaled hosseini book, but first i need to read ‘a thousand splendid suns!’

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