Friend Makin’ Monday


1. What is your favorite summer fruit?
The wild raspberries that grow in my mom’s backyard.

2. Do you know how to swim?
Of course!

3. Do you prefer sun or snow?

4. What temperature do you like most inside your home?
I like it to be cool… 70 at least.

5. Is it humid where you live?
I’ve never lived anywhere that wasn’t… NC, SC, TX, and Korea were all humid.

6. What is your favorite food to put on the grill?
Anything! Burgers, hot dogs, steaks, corn on the cob…

7. Do you prefer to wear a one-piece or two-piece swim suit?
One-piece and it’s been that way for a long time. Maybe one day I’ll be skinny enough for a two-piece.

8. What is your favorite summer drink?
Lemonade, Coke, margaritas, redneck Coronas…

9. Do you prefer the pool or the ocean?
The pool… I’ll swim in the ocean but I don’t care for salt water or sea creatures.

10. What are you looking forward to most over the summer?
Going to Greece at the end of the summer!

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