We Want to Know Wednesday

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1. How connected are you to your phone? Do you always have it on you?
I just got a smart phone about two months ago and I don’t think I’m that bad. Much better than some people I know anyway.

2. Would you be able to be away from your computer for an entire week?
Yes but I wouldn’t like it.

3. If you had to get rid of one of the following, which would it be and why? Cell phone, computer, or TV?
TV. I watch everything on the internet anyway.

4. Do you think you could ever live off the grid?
I could but I wouldn’t choose to.

5. Tell us about a time you disconnected from technology/the world and how you dealt with it. Was it good or bad?
Last summer when I was on the Trans-Mongolian Railway. Five days straight from Siberia to Moscow with no internet… Or showers. It was rough.


6 thoughts on “We Want to Know Wednesday

  1. I hope you had loads of books to keep you busy on the train … cause not internet or books for 5 days … that must be rough

    • i had books! we played games too and socialized. and i had tv shows on my computer and there was a plug to charge it so it wasn’t so bad!

    • because i love to travel and always wanted to do the trans-mongolian railway so i did for my 30th birthday!

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