Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. April 15th is the deadline for Americans to file their state and federal income tax returns. What’s a job you do on a regular basis that could be described as ‘taxing’?
Schoolwork for my master’s degree… Ugh! Can’t wait ’til December!

2. I’m participating in the April A-Z blog challenge, and the Hodgepodge happens to fall on Day O this week. In keeping with that theme… Olives, onions, oysters, okra… Of the foods mentioned, what’s your favorite O food?
I hate olives and oysters! Raw onions I like only in salsa/on Mexican food. So I’m gonna go with okra! Fried okra is so delicious. Funny story: When I lived in Korea my Korean friend was telling me about this new food she’d tried at a restaurant. She was trying to describe it and drew pictures of it. Finally I figured out that it was okra so I could tell her the English word!

my mom grows okra so I get to eat plenty of it in the summer!

my mom grows okra so I get to eat plenty of it in the summer!

3. What is something memorable you experienced as a child that your own children (or future children/nieces/nephews) will not get to experience?
Probably just how much time I spent outside and unsupervised! We would make up our own games, build tree houses and forts, and just go on walks and bike rides all over town. Good times!


4. Term limits for our elected officials… Your thoughts?
I think there should be term limits… But maybe they should be a little longer so the officials have more time to make changes.

5. On April 18th, 1775, Paul Revere made his famous ‘midnight ride’… When did you last make a midnight ride? Perhaps the fate of a nation wasn’t hanging in the balance, but tell us where you were headed anyway.
Well six months ago when my stepsister was going into labor I had to go drive to her mom’s house and her dad’s house to wake them both up since they weren’t answering their phones… And that was around 2am!

6. What would freak you out more… A mouse running across your floor or a big fat hairy spider?
A spider. I have seen quite a few mice lately since my cats keep finding them so the scare factor has worn off. I have a pet tarantula but I would freak out if she escaped!

7. I love it when people ask me ________________________?
“Have you lost weight?” Why yes I have! Thanks for noticing. 🙂

8. Insert your own random thought here.
Steeplechase is Saturday… So excited! Then I start my new job on Monday and go to Chicago in two weeks!!


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Hodgepodge

  1. A pet tarantula always reminds me of the movie, Home Alone. 🙂 We saw a tarantula on the side of a building in Haiti, but he didn’t move much. Maybe they’re not too fast?

  2. Oh I could never sleep with a pet tarantula in the house!!
    I too remember being outside a lot with out supervision when I was a kid. Our house was usually the gathering place for the neighborhood kids and we were always building things (like the igloo one winter that actually made the front page of the local newspaper), riding bikes or playing sports games and catching lightening bugs/fireflys when it got dark. Fun times.

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