Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Share one fun thing you did last week, while the Hodgepodge was on ‘spring break’.
I got my dream job!!!!!!!!! I am now a children’s librarian. 🙂

2. April 10th is National Sibling Day… Do you have siblings and if so, are you close? Share a favorite story featuring one or all of your siblings. If you don’t have siblings, did you ever wish you did?
I have a brother, half-brother, half-sister, step-brother, and two step-sisters. I am closest to my half-sister and one of my stepsisters, then my brother and half-brother. My step-sister (the one I’m close to) likes to tell the story of how I made her lick the floor of the mall if she wanted me to buy her something when I was a teenager (I’m five years older). I don’t really remember that, but gross!

me and my half-sister Callie

me and my half-sister Callie

me, my stepsister Ruth, and her daughter Klay

me, my stepsister Ruth, and her daughter Klay

3. Is it important to you to ‘buy American’? Why or why not? How much of an effort do you make to ‘buy American’? If you’re not American, insert your own country in the blank.
It is not that important to me… I don’t really think about it. Just not one of my big issues I guess.

4. Besides The Bible, what book has impacted your spirituality in some way?
I am not spiritual or religious, so none!

5. April showers bring May flowers or so the saying goes. Do you find rainy days calming or depressing? When were you last caught in a rainstorm? What’s blooming in your neck of the woods today?
Rainy days are calming as long as there aren’t too many of them in a row AND if you can stay at home. If you have to go out then they’re annoying. We had a rainstorm a few weeks ago. I never have an umbrella with me! There have been some pretty flowers blooming lately though…




6. What’s your favorite yellow food?
I love cheese, lemons, and pineapples but my favorite is mangoes!!

7. April is National Poetry Month… What’s a poem that holds special meaning for you and why is it special?
I can’t think of any! Poetry is really not my thing.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
Trying to plan a trip for Memorial Day weekend but hotels are so expensive… Any website recommendations to find one for cheap??


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Hodgepodge

  1. I don’t often stay in hotels unless I’m traveling for work (and they’re paying) so I can’t help you.

  2. Have you tried Groupon or Living Social? Sometimes they will have deals for places to stay. Also travelocity if you haven’t already or priceline. I haven’t tried priceline but friends of mine went to memphis and stayed at one of the popular places for about half the price.

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