The Sunday Currently


READING The Paris Wife, but not digging it yet.


WRITING Reviews of graphic novels for my children’s literature class.


LISTENING To the hum of the refrigerator.

THINKING About sleep…

SMELLING Like Kate Spade Live Color Fully.


WISHING The semester would be over already… So many things due in the next few weeks!

HOPING I keep losing weight like I have been… 17 pounds in 12 weeks!

WEARING Take a wild guess… PJs!!

these were last night's pajamas, but you get the point...

these were last night’s pajamas, but you get the point…

LOVING The fact that I got my dream job!!! I start my career as a children’s librarian in two weeks. 🙂

WANTING A pet bunny to be BFFs with my cats. Is this realistic?

my babies

my babies

NEEDING To make an appointment to get my next tattoo.

FEELING Sleepy and slightly hungover even though I only had two drinks last night!

CLICKING All over Etsy for cute librarian accessories and cupcake stuff in the hopes that I get my own apartment (and cupcake-themed kitchen) soon.



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