Tuesday Topics

The Austin Family Diary

7 Things I Do (Almost) Everyday

1. Blog.

2. Check my email and social media sites.

3. Watch TV.

4. Take a bath or get in the hot tub.


5. Snuggle with my babies.


6. Take a walk.


7. Read

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Topics

  1. Pretty kitties! I snuggle my furbaby every day too!
    I also check my social media everyday. Though yesterday I decided I needed a break. It was harder than I thought to not go on and scroll through. It’s like a habit.

    Also, re: your comment on the Big Lebowski movie. I have a a group of friends who everyone has seen that movie a million times and I am the only one who hasn’t yet. They quote it all.the.time & one even burned the movie for me. I tried to watch it and fell asleep (common occurrence for most movies.).

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