Monday Quiz About Me

Acting Balanced

1. Do you prank on April Fool’s Day? What’s the best prank you’ve done or had done to you?
I don’t usually… My freshman year of college my roommate and I had a “war” with this guy. We would throw water balloons at each other and spray each other with water guns. He took it too far when he hid a can of tuna under our bunk bed… I was so mad!! Not a cool prank.

2. Is it spring where you are yet?
This weekend was pretty springy so I hope it’s here to stay!

3. Mint green seems to be the ‘hot color’ for spring this year… Either that or neon. Which do you prefer?
I am loving all the mint green stuff! I bought some mint green nail polish and a gray shirt with mint green polka dots that I wore on Saturday with some mint green shoes I already had. I also saw a mint green dress and shirt I want! Neon is OK but better for summer than spring. I did buy a neon pink cardigan this week as well.

4. Wayne joined the 21st century this week… He’s now got a cell phone and it’s an Android smart phone. He wants to know if you’ve got a smart phone and if you do, what’s your favorite app or game?
I just got an iPhone a few weeks ago! My favorite app is the Weight Watchers scanner; I can scan the bar code on any food and see how many WW points it is. So convenient! My favorite game is Ruzzle… So addictive!

I had been trying to beat my friend in Ruzzle for days!

I had been trying to beat my friend in Ruzzle for days!

Bonus question for blog hoppers to answer:
What’s the last book you read? Would you recommend it?


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