The Sunday Currently


READING A big stack of graphic novels for a book talk I have to do for class.


WRITING On my friend’s boyfriend’s Facebook wall to tell him no Walking Dead spoilers tonight!!

27 people die tonight!

27 people die tonight!

LISTENING To the washing machine and heater.

THINKING About how I really want to watch the Walking Dead finale and Game of Thrones premiere instead of doing my homework.


SMELLING The Thai coconut curry hummus I’m eating.

WISHING I had cable so I could watch my shows live. (Not really, but tonight is a good night for TV!)

HOPING I get the job I’m interviewing for on Tuesday.

WEARING My pajamas as always. I always blog in PJs. Tonight it’s a hot pink sweatshirt and plaid pink pants.


LOVING The carrot cupcakes I made today.


WANTING A real Coca-Cola instead of this Pepsi Next crap I’m drinking.

NEEDING To do my taxes… STILL!

FEELING Sleepy and crappy… That’s what naps do to me.

CLICKING On all my Sunday blog link-ups!


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