The Sunday Currently


READING The Host by Stephenie Meyer. Hoping to finish it before the movie comes out next weekend!


WRITING In magazines (doing crossword puzzles and sudoku).

LISTENING To Titantic, the movie my mom fell asleep to tonight (we’re visiting my aunt and uncle).


THINKING About the weather tomorrow and if I’ll have to pick my friend up from the airport.

SMELLING Nothing in particular.

WISHING I had internet access or even cell phone service.

HOPING The weather won’t be bad tomorrow.

WEARING My pajamas as always.

LOVING This little getaway, even if it is only for a night!


WANTING To turn the light back on so I can read more.

NEEDING To go to sleep.

FEELING In a good mood.

CLICKING Through my phone to see the pics I took of magazines articles I was reading of things to look up when I have the internet!

One thought on “The Sunday Currently

  1. i LOVED the host when i read it back in 2008. i’m excited for the movie, but i feel like i’ve forgotten the story since it’s been so long. i may read some cliff notes or something to refresh my mind before i see the movie – haha!

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