Saturday 9

1. Crazy Sam’s mom and dad still talk about how exciting it was to see Sinatra in Vegas! What music did/do your parents enjoy?
My mom has been singing Ben Harper all day today.

2. We all know Sinatra sang, and he won an Oscar for his acting. But he also painted and was proud to sell a few canvasses anonymously (signed “Artanis”). Do you have a secret talent?
I’m pretty good at identifying not-so-famous actors/actresses that I’ve seen in movies and TV shows more than once. Just today I knew that Alden Ehrenreich in Stoker was the same guy in Beautiful Creatures, even though I’ve only seen the trailer.

3. Those close to Sinatra maintained that every time he sang,”In the Wee Small Hours” (hear him perform it live here) he conjured up how it felt to lose his great love. Have you ever had your heart broken?
Of course… Or I thought I had at the time. I think it’s mostly healed now.

4. In 1966, when he was 50, Sinatra married 21 year old Mia Farrow. Their union lasted less than two years. Do you think a wide age gap necessarily dooms a romantic relationship?
Not necessarily but I see how it could be harder to make it work.

5. Offstage Sinatra wore orange sweaters and liked seeing orange throw pillows in his home and dressing room because he believed “orange is the happiest color.” What color raises your spirits?
Pink! I have pink everything.

6. Frank and his loyal buddies were famously known as “The Rat Pack.” How many people do you consider close friends?
Too many! Just kidding, you can never have too many! But I always wonder how many bridesmaids will be in my wedding. 😉 Maybe seven?

7. Sinatra’s children followed their father into show business. What advice would you give a young person entering your career of choice?
Well I haven’t found a job in my field yet so I’m not the best person to ask for advice. But I would say get to know your classmates and professors while in school to build connections and volunteer in the same type of place you’d like to work one day.

8. Legend has it that Frank was embarrassed by a scar on his face (received at birth from the forceps used in his delivery) and worked hard to cover it. Do you have a physical characteristic that you try to hide?
Yeah, my body. LOL.

9. In 1964, when he first heard The Beatles, Sinatra was very dismissive. By 1970, he called The Beatles’ “Something” one of the most beautiful ballads ever. Tell us about something you changed your mind about.
Well recently I’ve really started liking sweet wines like moscato… My wine connoisseur friend says my taste has gone downhill!


One thought on “Saturday 9

  1. Your answer to #9 made me smile. I have a friend who is a foodie snob and acts as though ordering merlot is a punishable offense. I say drink what tastes good to you — who cares about impressing the waiter or your tablemates?

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