Writer’s Workshop


10 Things I Don’t Know How To Do

1. Change a flat tire. Yeah, I’ve been shown how to do it but I’m pretty sure I’d never be able to do it on my own. Anyway, that’s what AAA is for.

2. Whistle! How frustrating.

3. Drive a big truck or van. I have a few times and it was terrifying!

4. Cook steak. I only make dishes with boneless, skinless chicken or ground meat.

5. Cook eggs. I don’t eat them so I don’t cook them!

6. Speak a foreign language. Wish I did!

7. Give massages. My hands hurt after one minute.

8. Take criticism, even if it’s constructive. So don’t give it to me! 😉

9. Add icons to my blog page that link to my social media sites. Someone help me!

10. Not be a “no reply” blogger. I see all kind of posts that address this for people who use other blogging sites but not WordPress.

9 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop

      • Oh yeah, that’s the problem with most blogs. Unless the comment section allows “email me replies” you have to go back and check.

        That’s why I love WordPress. I know instantly when someone replies to my comment 🙂 Blogger is a PITA

  1. I can barely whistle – my mother-in-law can whistle with her fingers in her mouth and you can hear it for miles – wish I could do that! And if you are serious about #9 – check out bloggingwithamy.com. Her tutorials are clear and easy to understand.

  2. Nice list. I didn’t even think about not knowing how to whistle! I can’t either. Oh, and I don’t even ask for criticism. There is no way to say something I did isn’t good enough without hurting my feelings. I did learn how to add the icon to my blog page (a grab my button thing)—you google “how to make a grab my button” and there a several tutorials.

  3. You can still put share buttons on a wordpress blog. I had a friend help me with it but I think it was under widgets or sharing or something like that. Probably not that much help huh?

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