Tuesday Topics

The Austin Family Diary

9 Things I Won’t Change My Mind On

1. My love for my babies… And animals in general.


2. My career path… I want to be a children’s librarian!

3. My passion for traveling

4. My addictions: social media, blogging, TV, movies, books

5. My desire to lose weight… 14 pounds and counting!

6. Religion… Or lack thereof I guess I should say.

7. Politics… I’m pretty liberal. I will always be pro-choice and support gay marriage.

8. Bachelorette parties should have strippers.

9. Reality TV sucks.


5 thoughts on “Tuesday Topics

  1. Your list cracked me up. I can identify with six of these I think. And no, you’re not the only atheist blogger. While I”m not one, I usually find after reading on some of my link parties that I’m thoroughly annoyed by the cram-it-down-your-throat religious spouting that is sometimes so prevalent. When I was making my list of nine things, I debated putting that on there because I feel that if I am going to talk about my religion or my faith in a blog posting, I also owe it to people to have a disclaimer in the title or the intro.

    One of these days, though, I’m going to have to write a blog post on how I am a Christian, my father is an atheist, my stepmother is Jewish, my mother is a hypocrite, and my grandmother is fond of saying “why should I go to church anymore? I’m going straight to hell anyway!”. It’s enough to supply Dr. Phil for six years or more!

  2. Great post- your babies are so cuuuute!

    Have you lost 14 pounds, or 14 more to go? I have about… 15-20 to go. Blarg. Why is it so hard?!?!?!

    I`m so passionate about travel, and also not religious, though I wouldn`t say I`m an atheist.

    Some Snapshots Blog

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