2013 Oscars Recap

I love the Oscars! I know some people think the show is boring, but I appreciated it even more this year after not being able to watch it for two years while living in Korea. Here are my thoughts…

The Fashion

My top five Best Dressed were Jennifer Aniston, Octavia Spencer, Naomi Watts, Amy Adams, and Reese Witherspoon.


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My top five Worst Dressed were Brandi Glanville, Naomie Harris, Nancy O’Dell, Renee Zellweger, and Anne Hathaway.

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals



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The Show

I thought Seth McFarland did a good job! People are so critical. He was handsome, a good singer, and made jokes that were just inappropriate enough to be funny. 🙂 I loved the “We Saw Your Boobs” song, the skit with Sally Field, and the sock puppet interpretation of Flight. Other highlights of the show were Adele singing “Skyfall”, Channing Tatum’s dance moves, and Michelle Obama presenting the Best Picture award. The only thing I didn’t like was when they drowned out people’s speeches with the Jaws music. Rude!!






The Awards

For the top six categories, everyone I either predicted to win or wanted to win did! I’m good. 🙂 I was really happy that Christoph Waltz won as I wasn’t expecting that but I was rooting for him. Anne Hathaway and Daniel Day Lewis were shoo-ins (but who knew DDL was so funny)? Poor Jennifer Lawrence falling on her way up to the stage was tragic… But she recovered like a champ! I also wanted Ang Lee to win Best Director and he did! He was so cute. Even though I didn’t think Argo was the best movie, I was happy for Ben Affleck when it won Best Picture. He deserved it, and his speech was the best of the night.





8 thoughts on “2013 Oscars Recap

  1. This is a great recap and pretty much how I felt about everything too. Those last few dresses were awful! lol And the I Saw Your Boobs song was awesome! I was crying I was laughing so hard. LOL And I agree that seeing Ben Affleck win was the best. He deserved that and had the best speech.

  2. Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence were on my list for best dressed. Loved them both.

    Seth did a great job. He managed to make inappropriate classy. It was weird and awesome.

    I liked the Jaws music when winners went over on their speeches. It was funny.

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  5. Great post and I love your blog layout! I came to visit after you left a comment 🙂
    I totally agree with the Jaws music. For some people that’s their one moment and there are definitely classier ways of signaling to someone that they need to wrap it up for time’s sake.
    Channing Tatum and Charlize Theron were simply gorgeous together in that dance. For a second, I thought they were going to sing…then they started dancing and the lightbulb went off. Channing Tatum was about to become a triple threat right then 😉
    I thought Seth did a great job and I found the Boobs song incredibly comical, although some of the movie references involved sexual assault scenes…ugh, inappropriate faux pas on his part =/
    However, everything seemed so very wonderful and gave that feeling that movies do for us all. I loved loved loved the music theme and that totally won me over.

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