Random Thursday



Sean Penn… Some might think he’s old and wrinkly but I will love him forever!


Shia LaBeouf… People do not like him for some reason but he’s ADORABLE!


Michael Chiklis… If you don’t agree you’ve clearly never watched The Shield.


David Morrissey… Apparently I am the only person who actually kind of likes The Governor.


Charlie Day… One of the most hilarious people in the world.


Louis C.K…. Another hilarious man.


Peter Dinklage… I hope anyone who watches Game of Thrones agrees.



5 thoughts on “Random Thursday

  1. I missed so many good ones!
    love Sean, Shia and Charlie. forgot them all haha
    Charlie Day in horrible bosses is too freaking funny!
    thanks for linking up!

  2. A lot of love for Charlie Day today. David Morrissey is a good lookin’ man – I’m TOTALLY on board with that one! Sean Penn will always have a place on my crush list. Great list!

  3. There are way too many things about this post that I love to talk about in one comment. I’ll just say that a) I am obsessed with The Following and b) I have been in love with Shia LaBeouf since Even Stevens. And just a random side note, La Beouf in French means the beef. Appropriate? I think so.

    I didn’t know that the author of Gone Girl was going to be in Chicago which I would have loved to go see her but I have an event I’m going to be featured in at the same time. I commented on your other blog, I Like Big Books, about you coming to Chicago. I’m glad I looked for this one after your second comment though.Following through email now 🙂

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