Coffee Talk

1. What’s for dinner tonight?
Not sure yet… I made this last night so I might eat the leftovers. It wasn’t very good but I hate to waste so much food. 😦 (I made it before and it was delicious… What gives??)


2. Top 3 TV shows you never miss.
I watch a lot of TV but of the shows that are on the air right now: Girls, Nashville, and The Following.




3. What type of body wash are you currently using?
White Citrus by Bath & Body Works.


4. Take a photo of what’s in front of you.


5. What’s your favorite fruit?


6. Spring is almost here, show me your go-to outfit!
How about a cute Pinterest find?



2 thoughts on “Coffee Talk

  1. It doesn’t look like it would taste that bad… lol. Maybe more salt?? Hahah Salt and pepper can revive something to make it edible. lol.

    Loving Nashville too!

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