Monday Quiz About Me

Acting Balanced

1. What do you think the biggest downside to being rich and famous would be?
Everyone knowing all the personal details of your life.

2. What is the most interesting news article you read or heard about last week?
My brother posted this article about a local family on Facebook and made me cry.

3. Who kissed you for the first time?
A guy named John at a party in 7th grade playing Spin the Bottle.

4. How much do you typically tip at a decent sit down restaurant?

Bonus question for blog hoppers to answer:

5. Have you ever eaten at The Melting Pot or another similar fondue restaurant? (I’m eating there tonight… So delicious!)


14 thoughts on “Monday Quiz About Me

  1. I love The Melting Pot, though I haven’t been in years. It is a great place for a date or catching up with friends. Never feeling rushed to finish and enjoying food with conversation. Also a great experience!

  2. I ate at the Melting Pot with a girlfriend once and we were just spoiled and doted on by our server! That was pretty cool. I’ve eaten at a few fondue restaurants with friends in groups and they are just super! I’ve also successfully has fondue suppers at home. I just love that eating style. (but I like the clean-up part best at a restaurant!)

  3. Never heard of the restaurant however I had my first fondue at a grad party in high school and I had no idea what they were. Enjoy your night out!

  4. I have not tried a fondue type place. I am picky about food, so it would probably freak me out. Thanks for participating in the MQAM. Hope to see you again next week.

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