Ten Things to Smile About: December

1. I made an awesome Christmas wreath at Nikki’s wreath party.


2. I had a fun night out with friends and went dancing.


3. I had an early Christmas dinner with my grandma and uncle.


4. I threw a Christmas party with my friend Cindy.


5. We had Christmas dinner at my mom’s house.


6. I visited my family in Arkansas.


7. New Year’s Eve!


8. I read four awesome books (Reached, The Night Circus, What Alice Forgot, The Fault in Our Stars).

9. I saw Killing Them Softly, Skyfall, Wreck-It Ralph, Lincoln, and This Is 40 at the movie theater.

10. Dexter and Homeland had great season finales. The Walking Dead mid-season finale was awesome too.


2 thoughts on “Ten Things to Smile About: December

  1. Great list! That wreath is beautiful- so full. Jealous of how many movies you saw in the theater by the time we get tickets and pay baby sitters it costs and arm and a leg so we see very few in the theater. We did see Skyfall though.
    Thanks so much for linking up!

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