Influenster Cosmo VoxBox

I was so excited to receive the Cosmo VoxBox from Influenster. I received all this awesome stuff to review FOR FREE!


The first item I used (i.e. ate) was the Ghirardelli Sea Salt Escape milk chocolate bar with roasted almonds. I was skeptical because I don’t care for almonds and the sea salt thing seems weird… But it was surprisingly delicious! My mom and I devoured it shortly after I got the package in the mail.


I also received two Pilot FriXion pens (black and pink). They’re erasable… And they actually erase really well. (I tested them on a library book.) Awesome!





There were two Gillette razors included in the VoxBox. Did you know that any Venus blade refill fits any Venus razor handle? Sweet. I got the Embrace and the Venus & Olay. I have always used Venus razors and I loved them both but Venus & Olay won the contest… My legs were so smooth! See my full review of the Embrace here.





The last item was Forever Red perfume from Bath & Body Works. Love the smell! I’ve been wearing it everyday. See my full review here.IMGP5133


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