5 for Five


First, let’s review last week:

1. Work out for 150 minutes. FAIL (I was still sick.)

2. Finish reading The Night Circus and participate in the Literary Junkies book club.

3. Catch up on blogging projects (movie reviews, the A-Z challenge, my local travel blog, and my new book blog). FAIL

4. See Lincoln at the movie theater.

5. Finish making homemade Christmas gifts.

Now, my goals for this week:

1. Make crockpot macaroni and cheese for Christmas dinner.

2. Visit my family in Arkansas.

3. Finish reading What Alice Forgot (so good!!) and start another book.

4. Donate to charity (check out my Comments for a Cause post).

5. Make appointments to use some of my Living Social/Groupon certificates.


One thought on “5 for Five

  1. You did a great job last week! I think 3 for 5 is great!!! Plus, it’s totally understandable to miss out on workout time when you’re not feeling 100%!

    You have some great goals for the week ahead, too! Crockpot mac and cheese?! That sounds like it would be DELICIOUS!

    Enjoy your holiday and thanks for linking up with us again!

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