Fall 2012 Bucket List

Here’s the recap for my Fall 2012 Bucket List:

    1. Start a budget and stick to it This just does not work for me…
    2. Pick blueberries No but I ate a lot of blueberries 🙂
    3. Take photos of fall foliage
    4. Dress up for Halloween
    5. Decorate a pumpkin
    6. Go to a haunted house
    7. Make two dishes for Thanksgiving
    8. Go hiking Can’t believe I didn’t go hiking once this fall!!
    9. Attend my cousin Michelle’s wedding
    10. Vote for Phil Feagan
    11. Go to the NC Mountain State Fair
    12. Read three books for Banned Books Week I only read one (The Perks of Being a Wallflower)
    13. Visit Cade’s Cove in Gatlinburg Nope
    14. Go gambling in Cherokee Nope
    15. Visit an out-of-town friend
    16. Make two things from Pinterest every week Nope but I did make some meals and desserts, travel-themed stuff for my room, decorated pumpkins, and I’m working on Christmas crafts now
    17. Take pics of at least three cute fall outfits per week for WIWW I am posting one outfit a week so I don’t run out of cute clothes to post about 🙂
    18. Get at least halfway through my giant pile of magazines
    19. Start making homemade Christmas gifts
    20. Try three different Oktoberfest beers (Highland Clawhammer Oktoberfest, Samuel Adams Octoberfest, Sierra Nevada Hoptober, Southern Appalachian Brewery Autumn Ale, Spaten Oktoberfest)

Left over from my Summer 2012 Bucket List:

  • Go to Clingman’s Dome Nope
  • Get my NC driver’s license Doing this Friday!!

I am not going to do any more seasonal bucket lists since I started doing the Monthly Goals link-up with My So-Called Chaos. My December Goals post will be up later today!


One thought on “Fall 2012 Bucket List

  1. If the budget isn’t working…find a new way to do it! I recommend reading “America’s Cheapest Family”. Their budget system was more complicated than I like, but their attitude about it has helped me stick to my budget without feeling like I’m denying myself joy. 🙂
    Great job on all those items crossed off! You are one busy dame. 😀

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