Ornament Swap Reveals

I participated in two ornament swaps this year.

For this one I was paired with Amy at Love and Hot Chocolate.

I collect elephants, and she got me this awesome elephant ornament!


For now it’s been added to my collection, since my kittens would likely knock it off the tree and break it. Hopefully I can put it up next year when they’re not so crazy! 🙂


Since there was a $15 limit, I went a little overboard with my gift. I got her purple ornaments because that’s her favorite color. I also made her a Scrabble ornament and threw in some scrapbooking stuff (one of her favorite hobbies), some toys for her cats (she has two like me), and a packet of hot chocolate (because of her blog name!). Check out her post here. And see what everyone else got here!



For this one I was paired with Elizabeth at Lizzi’s Creations.

I love owls and the colors pink and green, so I was super excited when I saw what she had made me!


I made her a card and Scrabble ornament, and also included a red and green ornament since she said her tree was mostly decorated with those colors. You can see her post here! And see what everyone else got here!


4 thoughts on “Ornament Swap Reveals

  1. OMG SO CUTE!! I love that you can keep the elephant up all year if you’d like – what a perfect addition to your collection 🙂 And you were so creative/festive with your ornaments, too!!!!! Yay – thanks for participating + Happy Holidays!!

  2. Oo i like the ornament you made for her! So creative! And the elephant fits in so perfectly! Those crazy kittens I know what you mean, my tree has to have all the unbreakable ones at the top because of the dogs! Thanks for participating in my first swap! It was fun!

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