Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Which do you prefer: Pretty gift wrap with a bow or a pretty gift bag with/without a bow? What percentage of your holiday gifts are currently (as in right this very minute) wrapped in some form or fashion?
I prefer gift bags because they’re prettier and easier but I wrap presents too because bags are expensive. 95% of the gifts I’m giving have been bought and wrapped already!

2. What is one item on your Christmas list this year?
The Magic Mike DVD.

3. What makes a home?
I think of home as wherever I live but “home home” is my childhood house in my hometown!

4. Motown founder Berry Gordy celebrates his birthday today. Are you a fan of the Motown sound? If so, who’s your favorite Motown artist and/or song?
I’m not a huge fan but I do love Marvin Gaye.

5. Red or green: Which one is more prevalent in your closet?

6. True or false: Bacon makes it better? If you answered true, what’s your favorite dish made with bacon?
Sometimes… I don’t care for bacon on burgers but crumbled bacon in dips or other recipes is good.

7. Share a favorite holiday memory.
Two years ago when I came home from Korea just for one week. We had a white Christmas and it was great to see my family.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
I got my first tattoo yesterday!! My name in Korean.


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Hodgepodge

  1. Awesome tattoo! I have two of them, one of them disappeared- for realz and the other is a sunbeam. I had a Korean friend write out my kids name in Korean because thats next- if I can get brave enough : )

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