5 for Five


First, let’s review last week:

1. Get to the second round of interviews for the job I applied for (children’s librarian). This did not happen. But there is another librarian opening even closer to where I live so maybe I’m meant to get that job! I applied. 🙂

2. Read Across the Universe. I started to but I did not like it. So I found another YA dystopian novel I like much better. See below.

3. Cook a meal from a new Pinterest recipe. I cooked two meals (enchiladas and spaghetti) but neither were “new”.

4. Watch the election results and see Obama win.

5. Write five movie reviews.

Now, my goals for this week:

1. Finish writing all of my movie reviews… More than 20! It is so hard to remember the details when you wait so I need to get up to speed and start reviewing them right after I watch.

2. Practice/study Spanish.

3. Finish reading Matched and start another book.

4. Get a pedicure.

5. Go to Gatorland.


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