How To Find My Blog

I got this idea from the blog A Boy, A Girl, and The Marine Corps (my Blogger Book Swap partner). How do people find my blog? The following are actual search terms that someone typed into a search engine and found a post on this blog within the results!

The top three most popular searches (with over 200 views each) are:

  1. kiss the girls
  2. magic mike
  3. 4 out of 5 stars

Those people searching for Magic Mike must be desperate… My post about the movie is not one of Google’s top 100 hits for the search.

Other funny search terms:

  • curly potato
  • last day hugs hugs groups last day
  • niagara şelalesi
  • song of ice and fire joe jen pace
  • birds and what do they eat
  • how to grow a handlebar moustache
  • mosquito bite scars
  • stars like margo sullivan
  • ding dong the bitch is gone
  • green color
  • weight watchers logo tattoo
  • “and i went” we warsaw
  • 7 elephants tattoo on the foot
  • do sookie and bill get back together
  • trip ponchos
  • ass to ass requiem for a dream
  • channing tatum’s jaw line
  • lobster necklace cougar town
  • lip tattoo blue
  • neuschwanstein china
  • spicy food face sweat
  • burger king mexican dip
  • abducted fugitive for love
  • jax teller’s bike specs
  • cactus dalam drama korea pasta
  • penis candy
  • i dont drink liqour
  • dough flower bracelet
  • dollyland ponchos
  • australia expensive cemeteries and crematoria association
  • sons of anarchy shoes
  • asheville pretentious
  • children’s book about family that has a magic elixir made into a movie
  • vietnamese girl legs
  • areas don’t wear slippers

But I think the winner is:

  • white ring around penis

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