High 5 for Friday


1. I didn’t work this week so TV and movies consumed my time… I finally got to the series finale of The Shield (OMG!). I watched the season premieres of The Walking Dead and American Horror Story and the pilots for three news shows: two I will stick with for awhile (The Mindy Project, Nashville) and one I won’t (Revolution). I went to the theater and saw The Master and rented The Lucky One with Breanna on Monday.

2. Tuesday I cooked yummy Creamy Chicken and Chile Enchiladas for lunch. (I always forget to take pics when I’m hungry!) I didn’t end up going to my last cake decorating class because my cake split in half, so I made Halloween cupcake treats instead.

3. Yesterday I applied for my dream job (children’s librarian at a public library close to my hometown)… Wish me luck!

4. Today I did my second storytime (the Halloween theme was a success!), had lunch at Chili’s with Adrienne (yummy loaded baked potato soup), and went shopping (tons of clothes at Old Navy, materials to make my flapper headband at Michael’s, and cute baby clothes at WalMart). I noticed while driving that the fall colors are now at their peak… So beautiful! These pics are from a few days ago; the trees are even more gorgeous now.

5. My new niece Klay Audey was born yesterday! She is so adorable… Can’t wait to meet her today. 🙂


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