Swapoween Reveal

I signed up for Swapoween through Chaotic Goddess Swaps. This was the first swap I did that was “secret”. I sent a package to one person and someone else sent me a package.

I’m pretty sure it was Karen from A Peek at Karen’s World who sent me my package. It said Karen on the return address and she’s the only Karen who signed up! Anyway, she sent me an awesome package filled with lots of food!

pretty packaging

peanuts, cookie mix, frosting, candy corn, cookie cutters, a mini book, a pumpkin carving kit and scoop, nerds, and M&Ms!

I used the candy corn and pumpkin carving kit and scoop at my pumpkin decorating party yesterday!

I used the frosting today when I made Halloween cupcakes!

The person I sent a package to was one of the hosts, Beth at Living a Goddess Life. Check out what I got her here.

And don’t forget to check out what everyone else got!


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