Sunday Social

Sunday Social

What are your favorite things about fall?

1. Halloween!

One thing I will miss about Daniel is that he always had awesome Halloween costumes.

2008 as Mario and Princess Peach

2010 as The Great Pimpkin

2011 as Never Nude Tobias Fünke from Arrested Development

My costumes are always pretty lame. The one year I tried to be creative and be a “deviled egg” nobody could figure it out…

2008 Halloween party at work

It was fun to work as a kindergarten teacher on Halloween. Last year I did face painting.

Last year I also had a Halloween party!

this “pumpkin” cheese ball was delish!

lots of orange food!

we made caramel apples…

and painted mini pumpkins! this is Sabina’s “Lady Gaga” creation

This year I am having a Halloween party again. We’re going to decorate pumpkins. Here are my ideas…

2. Fall clothes

3. My fave TV shows coming back… Still waiting on these two!!

4. The weather

5. Thanksgiving

Last year the only Thanksgiving I had was at school. The food was pretty lame (chicken instead of turkey, Koreanized sides, etc.) but it was better than nothing I suppose.

The year before that was fun… My friend Karen ordered a Thanksgiving meal from a military base and had dinner at her house.

But it’s been three years since I’ve been in America for the holiday so I am really excited about it this year!


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