Random Thursday

I’m not really that picky about blogs. There are a few things that bother me though:

(1) When people who hosts weekly link-ups request that you post the button AND link back to the hosts’ pages. I think the button is enough!

(2) When people want you to “follow” them for a blog swap or weekly link-up. You shouldn’t make following your blog a demand. I’ll follow it if it’s interesting.

(3) Ad space for sale. I just ignore that crap.

(4) Captchas are annoying.

(5) When the button for a weekly link-up or blog swap doesn’t work!! (I can’t copy the code and paste it into my blog post.)


4 thoughts on “Random Thursday

  1. You’re right, these things are annoying. I can see why people who host a link up want you to follow, though, as they offer a platform for you to present yourself. I don’t understand, however, when you have to follow several blogs in order to take part in one linky party!

  2. Haha, now Im wondering if maybe our button didnt work…cause if it didnt, I need to fix it asap. I’m totally with you on disliking having to follow the hosts for linkups & swaps. I dont mind following on twitter for updates or whatever but there’s no way in hell Im gonna follow just because you tell me to.

    Love your pet peeves, thanks for linking up with us!

    • Oh, good! I was worried maybe it was ours that wasn’t working since once little period or space can make all the difference in that dumb html coding. Thanks for the confirmation, really appreciate it!

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