High 5 for Friday


1. Cake decorating class. We made flowers this week!

a messy hobby!

my teacher made this example

i finally made one i was happy with

lots of flowers and leaves

3. Watched my brother’s softball team after class Tuesday night. They won again!

Amanda, Kelly, and Seth

Zach up to bat

Madison drawing Callee’s portrait

3. Wednesday I went out to lunch with Zach and Kelly at Mountain View BBQ… Then I posted a review of it on my new blog! I also tried to get my drivers license but the DMV “bus” that is supposed to be there once a week wasn’t! So I went to the Democratic Party Headquarters to register to vote instead.

took this photo on the way home… so pretty!

4. Today I went to lunch at Breanna’s, the movies (End of Watch), and shopping. I got all this cute stuff!

5. My precious babies. Who are sometimes little monsters…

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