Saturday 6

1. C is for COLOR: Which color is most represented in your wardrobe?

2. C is for COMEDY: What’s your all-time favorite television comedy?
Cougar Town.

3. C is for CHANNEL: What single TV channel do you tend to watch the most?
I watch lots of shows on lots of different channels.

4. C is for CAT: What is your favorite kind of cat?
My cats!

5. C is for COMMUTE: What’s the longest distance you drive as part of your normal routine?
30 minutes each way right now.

6. C is for CREDIT: How many credit cards do you own?
A lot… Right now I have in my wallet a Mastercard, American Express, Old Navy, Target, Victoria’s Secret, and Kohl’s. I also have a Discover but it’s stuck between the seats in my mom’s car.

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