High 5 for Friday


Well, this week definitely had a few “not-so-great” moments. We had our power and phone go out for over 12 hours after a big storm, Sam pooped in the bathtub (ew!), and worst of all… My dad had a stroke. But he is home from the hospital now and is supposed to be fully recovered in two weeks. So let’s focus on the positive!

1. I love it when I have a Bumday Monday. Can’t even remember what I did that day (that’s a good thing), except make some signs for the baby shower, drink some wine, and watch Bridesmaids with my mom.

2. Tuesday night was my second cake decorating class. We learned shells, reverse shells, roping, and basket weaving.

3. Wednesday I finally got to see the movie Lawless. I hadn’t been to the theater in about a month because I’ve been so busy. I also watched the second episode of the new season of Sons of Anarchy. Jax and Tara got married!!

4. Thursday was busy! First I went to observe a library storytime as part of the Preschool Outreach Project I am volunteering for. I met Cindy for lunch at Chai Pani, and she got her nose pierced after! Then we went shopping and got some froyo. I watch Piranha 3DD last night… So bad (as expected)!

5. My first week with my new kitties! They’re soooooooooooooo adorable…

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