Monday Quiz About Me

Acting Balanced

1. Has reading a book ever changed your life? Which one and why, if yes?
Yes. After reading American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld I decided I wanted to be a librarian. Thanks fictional Laura Bush!

2. What was your favorite game to play as a child?
We loved Kick the Can and Capture the Flag.

3. What person in history would you most like to meet?
Someone from Deadwood like Wild Bill Hickok or Calamity Jane.

4. Tell us two truths and a lie about yourself…
I have visited 34 countries.
I love to garden and can vegetables.
My great-grandfather had 29 children.

Bonus question for blog hoppers to answer:

5. What’s the most fun game you’ve ever played at a baby shower?


8 thoughts on “Monday Quiz About Me

  1. Tooting my own horn a little, the most fun I had was playing “Dave Knows Babies” at the shower I hosted for my sister-in-law. There were 20 questions about babies; what to feed them, changing diapers, etc, My brother filled in his answers and at the shower, the object wasn’t to get them right, but to match the impending first-time father’s answers.

  2. I totally dislike games at showers. I avoid them like the plague so we don’t play when I host a shower unless someone else brings them and organizes them.

  3. At one shower, we played a game where we matched up celebrity moms with the names of their babies… that was cute. Of course I won, so maybe that’s why I liked it!

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