Summer 2012 Bucket List: Complete

I finished 18 out of 20 things on my list… Not bad!

  1. Complete the Epic Asia Trip
  2. Go on a cruise in Halong Bay
  3. See the Great Wall of China
  4. Survive not showering for five days on the Trans-Mongolian Railway
  5. Wear red, white, and blue on the 4th of July (haven’t been in America for the holiday since 2008)
  6. Go to the Coon Dog Day parade and square dance
  7. Go tubing down the Green River
  8. Hike to Little Bradley Falls
  9. Pick fresh raspberries
  10. Go to Clingman’s Dome
  11. Slide down Sliding Rock
  12. Visit my dad in Arkansas
  13. Go to Bele Chere
  14. Be the Maid of Honor in Ohee’s wedding
  15. Get my NC driver’s license
  16. Swim in a pool and a lake
  17. Go on a 30th birthday cruise
  18. Go to a baseball game
  19. Get a pedicure with my mom
  20. Have a cookout (I technically didn’t but I went to a cookout and cooked out while camping so I think the two combined count!)

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